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1, according to the gift purposes budget : budget ordered by number, printing, custom scope (only Cup also includes the cover and packaging), time (order a period of 7 days, counting delivery time, Advisory recommendation 15 days before);
2, determining glass types and styles : select models based on budget, is a medium to large or Office Cup (without handles), which series of styles;
3, designing artwork and effects : determine the range of customized, required to lay out Cup body, monochrome (or color (decal);
4, confirmed Dan Huichuan : fax orders (all contract requirements and deposit certificates), customer signature return and confirmed;
5, deposit : 50% deposit, bank transfer or cash available, orders received by the deposit date and delivery time;
6, pay : Cup after they were done, back to order your information and inform the balance is paid;
7, delivery inspection : the company received the balance, dispatch (mode of transport logistics, freight collect), give back to the time of delivery and the delivery time, after you have received the goods, inspection, questions contact us;
8, long-term cooperation : return shipment information, further cooperation on both sides.
About customizing the layout proofing charges
One, page two-color proofing fee 300.00 (provide sample 3), customized client proofing, and 150.00 150.00 for proofing costs can offset the purchase price, if the client changes the layout renewal or Proofing adventitious, 300.00 for proofing costs not returned.
More than two, page three (tri-color), bright gold, bright silver, (provide sample 3), proofing charges 500.00 if customized client proofing unchanged, 300 costs, another 200.00 to offset the purchase price, if the client changes the layout renewal or Proofing adventitious, 500.00 for proofing costs not returned.
Three-proofing, Cup cover unified charging standard for 300.00 customers renew or not, proofing costs
Four box does not provide proofing service
Customized packaging and cover fees
Packed minimum quantity
Common box packing 5,000
Bag packing 5,000
Gift box 2000
Wooden box 500
Cups paper card 10,000 on
Customized packaging costs and requirements:
A, boxes and bags:
A, provided artwork (without modification), 0.15/material loss.
B, provides only information, and design elements, design 0.15/material loss and collection fee 300.00.
Time was finalized after the extended 12-day shipments
Second, customized gift box:
A, provided that the manuscript (without modification) free production.
B, provides only information, and design elements, your design fee 300.00.
Time is extended for 15 days after they are finalized packaging
Three, wooden boxes per order:
Free design, final postponed 10 days after shipping
Four, Cup paper cards custom
Only provide information and design elements, a 10% production and 100.00 design fee.
Extended 12 days after they are finalized.
Customized covers costs and requirements:
1. customized covers 1000
A customized screen process layout to layout charge 200.00, design costs and deterioration of materials fees waived.
B copper plus fee 300.00 craft customized layout free design costs and material consumption.
Packaging and cover more than quantity 300% are free of charge, shipping time according to the actual situation, communications shall be separately identified.
Dear customer:
Customized cups are small batch production, the loss and high costs for the better-do
Services are based on the actual cost of the product, developed by accounting the following charges:
1. inner printing 200 (or batch of items for 1800.00).
2.200-500 single-color (not including bright gold. Silver) charged 60.00-
Plus 60.00 per additional color, and so on. -(Note: up to 5 colors), can't do gradients.
3.500-1000 (single batch containing 500 or the amount paid above 2800.00) over a single
Monochrome-(excluding rare. Silver) free color page production, color only 60.00, and so on.
4.1000 (1000 only. single instalment payment or amount of 5000.00) more than double color (not including bright gold.-Silver) layout making fees waived, more than three colors according to color 60 's standard-
5. bright gold. Silver (reference quantity above) single pay 150 Yuan started actual-
Accounts cost extra-
Glass making process was very complex. temperature is precise.
Custom layout is more complex, we invested a lot of manpower will not be able to best meet the customer's requirements, please Dear customer, give us some time as much as possible (minimum 7 days) Please support and cooperation.






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